#OPINION: The Trap Squad situation

By Harold Kapindu

Pop music lovers remember Backstreet Boys, NSYNC or Spice Girls. R&B fans remember B2K, Destiny’s Child or Silk. Hip Hop heads remember Almighty RSO, EPMD or Grave Diggers. The question is where are these groups now? The obvious answer is they don’t exist anymore. They parted ways.

No matter how close people may become in a group, at some point they grow apart. It may be because of age; members grow up and get married whereby having huge responsibilities or simply having different ideologies as they grow older. In some cases, some members feel they have become bigger than the group prompting them to pursue solo careers. Or it might be because of greediness.

Lately, we have seen Blantyre based urban music group, Trap Squad members going back and forth on social media and on radio. Apparently, Sir Patricks and Stich Fray have left the group. The rumour was they were to be signed to Dan Lu’s label but the two artists in question denied the rumour. Then the remaining group members went on Joy Nathu’s “Made on Monday” radio show where they accused Sir Patricks of greed and coaxing Stich Fray to leave the group.

But, was going public a good idea or it was just another publicity stunt? We have seen groups breaking up or members leaving the group without anyone noticing. A break up story would come up when fans noticed that there was something wrong.  Questions would be asked after noticing that a member was missing at a concert or not appearing on an album.

Yes, there was no Facebook or Twitter but they had MySpace. They never took to their MySpace or went on radio to announce their exit from a group.

Some groups break up for good while others break up and reunite. Even the mighty WU-Tang Clan and Mobb Deep once broke up.

Where there are two or more people conflicts will always arise. What matters is how do you resolve those conflicts? Addressing internal issues in public is not a good idea. This only strips off your integrity as human beings. Remember, you are a human being before an artist.