#OPINION: Stop the nonsense!

By Harold Kapindu

Local media has lately been attacked by artists for favouritism. Some disgruntled members in the arts world have taken to social media claiming print and electronic media practitioners pay attention to selected individuals while sidelining others even if they have something worthy talking about.

I find this discussion rather irrelevant. My point has always been that artists should have management and public relation teams to act on their behalf when dealing with the media. I have noted with great concern that most artists become untouchables when they have one or two hit songs. They feel media should chase them for stories and updates on new material. This is absurd.

If you want to make it in this industry you need to have connections. Yes, an artist has to have high self-esteem but arrogance and individualism won’t take you to greater heights. Know who does what to do what you need at a particular time. You need to know producers, brand managers, radio personalities and showbiz journalists.

Having your song being uploaded online or played on radio is not good enough. Not everybody downloads and streams music online, listens to radio or watches TV; you need to push your material in different avenues to attract a wider audience. For instance, press releases to print media to target those that read newspapers, magazines and online tabloids to target social media fanatics.

Showbiz is about pulling stunts in this hashtag generation. Stunts help you get publicity because when you have done something it trends and people talk, tweet and post about it. In show business, they say “Negative or Positive publicity is all equal to publicity”, however, be extra careful when pulling stunts. Some stunts will ruin your career and reputation; this is where brand managers come in to protect you as a brand.

Being an artist is not cheap. The way one carries themselves matter. People take you seriously if you are also serious with what you do. Journalists go after somebody who is relevant and makes news. Not every Jack and Jill that has a song is newsworthy. Do something that makes news otherwise take a chill pill and stop the nonsense!