#OPINION: Collaborations or Features

By Harold Kapindu

Collaborations or features play a significant role on an artists’ career. In most cases, up and coming artists collaborate with established artists when they are making an entrance in the industry.

We have seen this working for artists like Akon who collaborated with legendary rapper Styles P on “Locked Up”, Chris Brown’s collaboration with Juelz Santana on “Run it” and locally, Tay Grin’s collaboration with David Kalilani Formerly known as Stix on “Break Out”. Mind you, artists like Styles P, Juelz Santana and Stix were already big artists and the collaborations worked out for Akon, Chris Brown and Tay Grin who were new to the industry.

Collaborations also help artists to expand their fan base. When artists collaborate, they introduce each other to a new fan base for a respective artist. A good example is a collaborative effort between Nas and Junior Gong on “Distant Relative” EP. The EP introduced Nas to the reggae fraternity while bringing Junior Gong closer to the Hip Hop community as well.

Of recent, we have seen musicians collaborating with DJs and producers. Collaborating with a DJ is important since DJs are either on radio or performing in gigs. This helps push the music and the featured artists. Producers and musicians easily create masterpieces when there is great chemistry. The chemistry between DJ Premier and late Guru always stand out in this respect.

Collaborations must be strategic. Artists should know what they are looking for in collaboration. I have noted with great concern that most Malawian artists collaborate for the sake of just doing a song. No plan whatsoever. This is a waste of time and resources. In every endeavor that an artist is taking must be valued in monetary and career terms.

Tay Grin and Zani Challe must be applauded for the strides they are making in flying the Malawi flag so high. Tay Grin’s recent collaborations with Nigeria’s 2Baba and Orezi and Zani Challe’s collaboration with Patoranking are quite strategic and seem to be working out for them. This is something that budding artists must learn. Collaborate to progress and not to impress.


Gender imbalance in Malawi music

By Harold Kapindu

One question that bothers me is, why do we have few female artists in Malawi especially those doing secular music yet they dominate in every nation music competition? Folks, this is a serious issue and something is definitely wrong with our music industry.

Some time ago, via his facebook page producer/radio personality Dizzo quizzed if Malawi has a female music producer. This thought never crossed my mind but when the question was posed I really thought it was important. From the comments, it was quite clear that Malawi indeed has no Missy Elliot. Then I started pondering as to why this is the situation despite the whole debate on gender equality, 50/50 representation and all that. So many questions came in the picture.

Is it something to do with our culture? If so then why are they dominating in music competitions? Or is it because of the public perception that secular female artists are associated with immoral behaviour? If this is the reason then we are still a primitive nation.  Maybe is because the local music industry is not lucrative? Well, fair enough.

Perhaps it has something to do with how our music industry is set up where one has to struggle to make it because there are no record companies. But if they can’t face the struggle and compete with male counterparts then how come they are fighting for equality?

Its high time female artists stopped being used on features or as backing vocalists in live performances. If you really want equality then take the steering wheel and prove that you can do whatever men can do. And gone are the days when females were being used as sex symbols in music videos to attract viewership, have some dignity and be proud of your body.

We need strong women who can challenge men and stand up for themselves. Strong women like the ones we have in Gospel music the likes of Ethel Kamwendo Banda, Thoko Suya, Favoured Martha among others. Most importantly, Malawians need to change their mindset on how they see secular female artists. This is 2016; we need to move with time.

Veteran rapper Kalilani, Pastor Zacc Kawalala slam Bushiri in a song

David Kalilani

By Harold Kapindu

Veteran Holy Hip Hop artist and former Real Elements member David Kalilani, Black Flame and Pastor Zacc Kawalala of Word Alive Ministries have teamed up on a Prophet Bushiri diss song ‘Osaopa’ which has received mixed reactions and currently trending on social media.

The song was recorded in January 2016 but it was released to the general public on 30 March.

In the song, the rapper has accused the ‘Major 1’ of deception, infidelity and using magic to perform miracles.

Kalilani raps, “Mathew 24 verse 11, you can perform miracles never see heaven/let’s call a spade a spade, I don’t beat around the bush Bushiri you are not a prophet/you are not major you majoring in the minor…

“…me nat afraid offi de man dem, if they don’t repent hell fire gonna burn dem/Luke 13 v 25 to 27 am about to tell them the truth and it will set them free/you need to enlighten your congregation, the girls that you are having sex with, are conformation kuti utumiki wako ndi abomination/… ndikumasulire interpretation/mkuluyu amatenga mphamvu zake ku madzi, asing’anga ako akuulula uli m’madzi.”

Kalilani who is also a pastor further took a swipe at Bushiri’s protégé Onesimus in a line that says, “I can hear your spiritual sons amvekele Eh papa game yalakwa apapa”.

This is not the first time Kalilani has used music to enlighten the public or call fellow rappers to Christ. In 2012, he released a controversial hit “Exodus part 2” in which he attempted to bring Third Eye, Jolly Bro, Barry one, GD, Marcus, Dominant one and Tay Grin to Christ.

He also related his “Exodus part 2” attempt to “Osaopa” where he is heard rapping, “I am a giant killer…am ready to die on the battlefield, am a warrior ndinasayina kale kale/I gave up the fame and fortune kale kale/God prepared me for this battle kale kale.

“You haven’t heard before, I have killed lions and bears before/maybe you haven’t listened to as you grow, maybe you haven’t listened to Exodus part 2, from experience I know God can kill you too, I have seen him done it before he’s gonna do it again”

Meanwhile, music reviewer Chimwemwe Manyozo commended the song describing it as “Biblical”.

“When you look at all these biblical truths, you will find the song by David, sound biblically. However, those of the politically correct team will find this song inappropriate. Because the basis of a politically correct church is not truth, but rather, making people feel good. Rebuke and Correction has no place in this politically correct atmosphere,” Manyozo said.

He added, “I used scripture to test this song. The bible commands us to test the spirits (1 John 4:1; Acts 17:11); Secondly we are commanded to test songs and other things that concern the church, using scripture (2 Timothy 3:16-17). I therefore based my review on scripture and nothing else.”

Download ‘Osaopa’ here http://www.spiritunez.com/download-osaopa-david-kalilani/

Jaxstar explores the pros and cons of “Ndalama”

Jaxstar - Ndalama hit maker


Rejuvenated rapper Jaxstar on Saturday 19th March released new song “Ndalama” in which he discusses money, the good, the bad and the ugly.

Done in both English and Chichewa, the song is quite captivating with a catchy hook and a heavy beat that leaves one jiggle throughout the Black Eye produced song which also features Stich Fray.

The rapper said the song was inspired by true events, from having money to being broke hence the public will easily relate to the concept.

In the song, Jaxstar raps, “Look what money brings, enemies and better things/Fake friends they always claim, skinny girls in miniskirts, everyday they wanna flirt/Look what money does, they claim they got the buzz/Money brings happiness/…it brings holiness/Money never went to those that really need it/Money pays all the bills, look how money kills.”

“I talking about something that everybody knows. We know what money has done to all of us, good or bad, it’s just about money.

“I just want to do good music; I’m not trying to be the baddest. We all get moved by music, music is a universal language that we all speak when we want to express ourselves and the events around us hence we call it art, it’s the most beautiful thing in the world,” he stated in an interview.

Born Chimwemwe Ayanja Jamali in a family of six on 5 April 1991 in Lilongwe, Malawi,  he attended Walani Primary School, Michiru Secondary School and went on to pursue a degree in Law and Shariah at Zanzibar University, Tanzania.

Jaxstar started rapping in 2006, he has one mixtape under his belt “2000 and shine” which featured Young Kay, Dare Devils, Revolver and Hypa. The mixtape was released in 2009 under Baseline Studios which was owned by Pempho Kafoteka and Sonyezo Kandoje.

In 2010, Jaxstar put his music on hold and left Malawi for Tanzania to further his studies. After graduating in 2015, he came back to Malawi and he is currently reviving his music career.

In 2015, he teamed with Blantyre based producer Black Eye, Classick and Africa to record his comeback single “No Stress”. In 2016, he has released another single “Ndalama” featuring Stick Fray in preparation for the release of his new EP titled “Not For Your Ears” scheduled for July release.

Listen and Download “Ndalama” on http://mdubvibe.com/song-details/?sid=10896


Daredevils announce album after hiatus



By Mpho Musowa

After a hiatus from the powerhouse, Rap duo Daredevils has announced the release of an album.

The brothers, Marcus the KJ Pasanje and Graiton GD Pasanje last collective effort, “Welcome to the dark side” EP was leaked in 05-06 and turned out to be a classic.

Since then, the two have collaborated with various artists without putting out their own projects; to the dismay of fans they have been pushing back release dates.

However, the duo have finally made a bold announcement backed with proof attributing the push back to tight work schedules between the two.

In a YouTube message the Daredevils are seen in studio bumping to hardcore rap beat.

The 0.29 second clip uploaded to GD channel confirms the long awaited music from the two who are greats in the music arena.

Despite not disclosing the actual timeline of the release and album title in the clip, our reporter sort for clarity.

GD told this publication the album is untitled at the moment but is certain will be out end march.

“We on some crazy stuff, we want to go back to that essence,” he said describing the album.

He added, “I got a good feeling about this.”

In terms of features GD explicitly said, “No features, because we want to experiment with some weird ideas mixed with our usually stupid concepts.”

“And no self respecting Artist should feel comfortable collaborating with us on our own project” he laughed.

Nyasashowbiz has learnt that the album will comprise of a balanced combination of 5 instrumentals from each of the brothers.

“We decided to contribute 5 instrumentals each”

In the video posted on YouTube the duo can be heard listening to one of GD beat projected to be in the album.

“I’m making Marcus listen to my 5 instrumentals in that video. Marcus is yet to put together his 5 so we’ll see” GD added.

Watch the clip here


Genii Blakk and DMG set to release back to back projects

Genii Black

By Mpho Musowa

Genii Blakk returns to active music scene with the announcement of his highly anticipated album entitled “The Music Man” Mid this year.

Genii late last year released a smash hit single “AYI” which features label mate El Mind and has been said to be one of the most intriguing songs so far.

In anticipation for the album release the DMG CEO will drop a new single titled “Mkazi Wapabala” on February 15th of this Month with guest featured from prolific Zembani band NepMan.

The song was recorded by DMG and Abstract Records by producer EQ along with Genii Blakk.

In an exclusive interview Genii described the song “Mkazi Wapabala” as a true story based on social activities involving prostitution and the welfare behind sex workers together with women that go to Pubs or Clubs who face social injustice by being called prostitutes”.

“Hip Hop has lost its direction over the years if we look at Malawi’s status”

“Nowadays there are less true Hip Hop artists that aim at educating, entertaining whilst addressing the most important things to develop our nation”

“As a Hip Hop artist am supposed to raise awareness on a lot of things that affect us as Malawians from time to time so a song like Mkazi Wapabala  isn’t just an ordinary song for people to dance to, once they hear it I know a lot of people will relate to it.

NepMan appears on the chorus and gives a good expression of someone testifying upon understanding why women get involved in bars and clubs over other things.

Genii Blakk illustrates perfectly in his verses by interacting with the audience about the impact of prostitution towards a developing nation such as Malawi for a fact that in the end everybody wants to survive beneficial to them whilst interacting with a woman.

The song is off the album “The Music Man” and is yet to have a video out after the songs release.

Genii also disclosed that DMG is a on working on releasing its first EP as well as the long awaited Album Compilation Entitled “UNTOLD, Hip Hop Resurrected” which will be out project next month both Online and in retail shops.

“First single to be released by DMG comes out this week on Thursday and Feature DMG acts; Jhon O’ Dreams, El Mind, Spotless and Genii Blakk himself.

The song is called “If It Aint about Money” and will be available online” said Genni.

Rapper condemns fake prophets, addresses social ills

Jaxstar Jamali


By Harold Kapindu

Lilongwe, January 15, 2016, Mana: Legal practitioner Chimwemwe Ayanjanisa Jamali popularly known by his rap name “Jaxstar” has stepped out of the courts to condemn fake prophets and address social ills affecting the country in his new song.

Titled “No Stress”, the song features last year’s breakout star Classik and Afrika and it is currently circulating on social media.

Speaking in an interview with Malawi News Agency on Friday, the artist said the song is a brief statement about what is happening these days.

He pointed out, “Fake prophets selling false hopes, girls bleaching and messing around with big men, girls losing confidence and being okay with being side chicks. Their pride is gone and kids go to school but success isn’t guaranteed.”

”Am done caring and people and am done stressing, I will just be doing me so I can do whatever, some things will just never change,” Jaxstar is heard rapping on the song.

Commenting on his silence in the music industry, the artist said, “I was quite because I was doing school for five years now, am a lawyer and am back in the music business with a different style, am much of a lyrist.”

Jaxstar Started rapping in school with Hypa and prophecy at Michiru Secondary, in 2008 they formed a group called K.O. In 2009 he started working with Baseline Entertainment where he released a mixtape called “200 and Shine”.

Among others, Jaxstar’s previous work includes collaborations with Nepman, Young Kay,Desert Eagle, Dare Devils and Revolver.

He is currently working on his new EP titled “Not for your ears” scheduled for release later this year.