Masculine and feminine lyrics

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By Harold Kapindu

Song writing is a skill. Some were born with it while others learn from friends and in arts schools. Some artists are good stage performers, singers or songwriters. If an artist possesses all these three qualities then that makes them great.

Songs with general themes are easy to write and can be done by anyone. But when it comes to love songs, one thing that most songwriters tend to overlook is the difference between masculine and feminine lyrics.  Listening to most Malawian songs, one is likely to hear a male artist admiring or complaining of his husband and the converse is true with female artists.

For some reason, most artists think if they write a song then they have to sing it. This is selfish and it doesn’t work like that. Our western counterparts write songs for each other. They either sell or give for free depending on their record label contractual agreements.

For instance, there are good songwriters like Sean Garret, R. Kelly, Babyface, Jessie J among others who have written hit records for other artists even before their solo careers took off.

Songs with a feminine message should be done by a female whereas songs with a masculine message should be done by a male. It sounds awkward to hear a male singing “I love my husband” or “My husband please change your behaviour” and so on.

These are the issues that need to be addressed though networking. There is a need to have workshops and trainings. The cheapest platform is through social media forums but unfortunately most forums are being abused. Mostly they are used to insult each other or discuss trivial issues such as beef.

South Africa is holding its first annual Hip Hop summit where they will discuss issues related to their industry, this is something worth emulating.

There has been an outcry that Government is not doing enough in supporting arts and creative industry. We know building arts schools is a nonstarter but there are some small interventions that it can do. Organising small arts workshops and trainings to perfect artistry is the starting point. A simple song writing training would suffice at the moment .


Sunshine Bright Lights Lyrics


Artist: K-Bonnie

Song: Sunshine Bright Lights

Year: 2015

V.I.P to G.O.D… hahahaha, Ey yoh, Rebel Musiq… wuddup? Young O… I see you/alright now check this out/ama, ama keep it 100 witchu, this right here, is a feel good song, it’s a feel song for you and for me

Verse 1

Where am from we get high to get by no lie tryna live before we die/it’s a new day I got some good-good up to no good and that’s good, living the fast life young black and gifted/power moves making chips pay dues and chicks with doubles Ds/Mini mes wonder how I do this ease am like please/am awesome like Miz am legend like Dz I never leave my block like Amber and Wiz/born in LL raised in B-Town, Mzuzu show me love, Zomba you always above/RIP to the brothers that died, CN, King Shaka and my brother A.I/Why they went early? We never know God’s plan, nobody lives forever, we had a good run


The hood, the block, the getto, the spot, sunshine bright lights/we in the hood

The hood, the block, the getto, the spot, sunshine bright lights/it’s all good x4

Verse 2

Papi on the block used to keep it 100, started stacking stacks left the block never came back/cats used to chill on his corner, the same spot Jimmy became a storner/Jimmy got the hood on his back, same love the hood gives the love back/dark hours last longer than sunshine, we still push bricks day by day never had time to whine/am all about my business, Blasto never takes mine, Chiwaya for breakfast, Chiwaya for lunch even when we dine/each one knows one so each one never hurts one/this is for the hood that I ever represented, area 3, one eight, 47, area 10, Chinsapo included/if you ever disrespected prepare to get jaded


The hood, the block, the getto, the spot, sunshine bright lights/we in the hood

The hood, the block, the getto, the spot, sunshine bright lights/it’s all good (repeat till fade)