#OPINION: Invest in artist IT training

By Harold Kapindu

Malawi needs a hefty investment in artist Information Technology (IT) training to be at par with the rest of the world. Government has failed in arts investment forcing artists to become ignorant in technology. As a matter of fact, artists should be computer literate at a tender age so that they shouldn’t struggle to cope up with internet services in this generation.

To begin with, Malawi has struggled to develop since gaining its independence in 1964 because of computer ignorance. Most Malawian public schools start offering computer studies at Secondary level. Worst still, they only teach basic programs such as Microsoft Word and Excel. Students learn how to use the internet at a very late age.

In the west, our friends become computer literate at a tender age and start music and video production while young. This helps quite a lot because as they are growing physically and mentally, production and computer skills also grow in them.

Everything is going online in this modern world. The coming in of social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp) has forced corporations to change from traditional ways to online. Prominent news outlets such as BBC, CNN and Sky News among others are all making sure to make their social media presence known.

The coming in of local news and file sharing websites like Nyasatimes, Nyasashowbiz, Mvelani, nyimbozathu.com  and Malawi-Music.com has made it easier for people to have access to local music and  helped many Malawians in Diaspora in keeping up to date on what is happening on the ground.

Nowadays people prefer checking their news on Facebook and Twitter pages because it is cheaper and faster as compared to buying a Newspaper. Gone are the days when file sharing was done via CDs, it is now simple to upload and download. WhatsApp has become popular for file sharing and communication.

However, as ridiculous as it may sounds, it is quite embarrassing that some top artists and promoters don’t even know how to use social media platforms. When dealing with social media one is required to stay online frequently because this is a fast generation that requires interaction and instant responses, otherwise the youthful fans take you as old fashioned and boring.


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