#OPINION Rap beef in Malawi

By Harold Kapindu

Rap being a competitive genre, beef is never inevitable. Beef may end an artists’ career while others capitalize on it to score points. Rappers create feuds over egos, betrayal, and love relationships or even over a name.

Lomwe vs. Tay Grin is probably the most highly publicized beef in Malawi. Lomwe claimed Tay Grin stole his song at the studio which he originally did with his former FM 101 Power colleague Mphatso Chikalipo. Lomwe went on to record a Tay Grin diss mixtape which had songs like “Rumours of War”, “u don’t want it” and “Death of Gule”. Tay Grin never did a straight reply but subliminal shots were heard in songs like “Beasting” featuring Tumi, Zubz and Naseela and “All the way” feat Sonye.

The battle of egos was probably Jolly Bro vs. Phyzix. This was the period when Blantyre’s Jolly Bro and Lilongwe’s Phyzix were both big. It was a question of who really ride or die for their city. Both artists released songs throwing jabs at each other. Many believed this beef could have gone bloody because both artists had street credibility.

Soon after a 2014 successful Genii, D1 and Third Eye collabo on “The moment”, Genni Black released ‘Dats dat heat” which had some lines that did not impress Third Eye. In the song, Genii raps, “with all respect, am never D1 or Third, if I’m the One I can’t be second to Third”. Third Eye went on to rant on social media and recorded his response “Genii Wack”. Genii Black challenged Third Eye to a rap battle but Third Eye demanded K1 million upfront saying he doesn’t battle for free.

Around 2005 and 2006, NIC was hired by FM 101 Power as a Sprite Hip Hop show and Hip Hop Drill host. Real Elements accused NIC for being selfish. Real Elements claimed NIC was only playing his and his friend’s music. They faced each other in a battle which was live on Power 101 radio.

The Basement’s Cyclone and Pittie Boys’ Cyclone had a feud over rap name. No specific songs were released but subliminal shots were fired in either group or solo projects. The feud died when both rappers went silent.

Rap is bloody. If you are a rapper prepare for war.







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