Veteran rapper Kalilani, Pastor Zacc Kawalala slam Bushiri in a song

David Kalilani

By Harold Kapindu

Veteran Holy Hip Hop artist and former Real Elements member David Kalilani, Black Flame and Pastor Zacc Kawalala of Word Alive Ministries have teamed up on a Prophet Bushiri diss song ‘Osaopa’ which has received mixed reactions and currently trending on social media.

The song was recorded in January 2016 but it was released to the general public on 30 March.

In the song, the rapper has accused the ‘Major 1’ of deception, infidelity and using magic to perform miracles.

Kalilani raps, “Mathew 24 verse 11, you can perform miracles never see heaven/let’s call a spade a spade, I don’t beat around the bush Bushiri you are not a prophet/you are not major you majoring in the minor…

“…me nat afraid offi de man dem, if they don’t repent hell fire gonna burn dem/Luke 13 v 25 to 27 am about to tell them the truth and it will set them free/you need to enlighten your congregation, the girls that you are having sex with, are conformation kuti utumiki wako ndi abomination/… ndikumasulire interpretation/mkuluyu amatenga mphamvu zake ku madzi, asing’anga ako akuulula uli m’madzi.”

Kalilani who is also a pastor further took a swipe at Bushiri’s protégé Onesimus in a line that says, “I can hear your spiritual sons amvekele Eh papa game yalakwa apapa”.

This is not the first time Kalilani has used music to enlighten the public or call fellow rappers to Christ. In 2012, he released a controversial hit “Exodus part 2” in which he attempted to bring Third Eye, Jolly Bro, Barry one, GD, Marcus, Dominant one and Tay Grin to Christ.

He also related his “Exodus part 2” attempt to “Osaopa” where he is heard rapping, “I am a giant killer…am ready to die on the battlefield, am a warrior ndinasayina kale kale/I gave up the fame and fortune kale kale/God prepared me for this battle kale kale.

“You haven’t heard before, I have killed lions and bears before/maybe you haven’t listened to as you grow, maybe you haven’t listened to Exodus part 2, from experience I know God can kill you too, I have seen him done it before he’s gonna do it again”

Meanwhile, music reviewer Chimwemwe Manyozo commended the song describing it as “Biblical”.

“When you look at all these biblical truths, you will find the song by David, sound biblically. However, those of the politically correct team will find this song inappropriate. Because the basis of a politically correct church is not truth, but rather, making people feel good. Rebuke and Correction has no place in this politically correct atmosphere,” Manyozo said.

He added, “I used scripture to test this song. The bible commands us to test the spirits (1 John 4:1; Acts 17:11); Secondly we are commanded to test songs and other things that concern the church, using scripture (2 Timothy 3:16-17). I therefore based my review on scripture and nothing else.”

Download ‘Osaopa’ here


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