Free adverts on local radios

By Harold Kapindu

It has come to my attention that local radios are airing free adverts on their respective stations. And this has made me come to a conclusion that their marketing officers are not doing their prescribed jobs.

This is where all my assertions are coming from. When you listen to our radios, chances are you are likely to bump into a song with a website or producer’s tag on them. For a producer’s tag, I have no problem because it happens internationally. Nigeria’s Don Jazzy, America’s Mike Will Made it, DJ Mustard and Malawi’s Dare Devils, Pro Pee just to mention a few, they all add a tag on their productions.

The problem comes when radio stations play music which has website tags on them. Am sure you have an idea of what I am talking about. Websites do run a business. When you log in on their sites you see adverts flying all over. Besides, when they add a tag it means they are advertising for more clients and users.

If you listen to South African or American radios, you can testify that they don’t play any music that has a website tag. What they usually do is give out an email address for music submissions.

A song that has been attached to an email or sent in a compressed zip file still possesses the same quality hence you hear artists from overseas doing a song with local artists without being in the same studio at the same time. I have heard Capital FM radio urging artists to send music via email and I say “Bravo Capital FM management!”

To be honest, downloaded songs are for personal use and not meant for commercial or radio play. Mostly, the quality is compromised because the songs are compressed for easy upload and download.

This goes back to the point of artists having public relation teams. PR teams are responsible for music distribution and publicity. However, since our artists don’t value these teams, laziness creeps in and once their music is uploaded on a certain website they are comfortable with that.

On the other hand, local radio stations management seem not to care about the music being played on their stations. They don’t have teams responsible for scrutiny and drafting playlists.



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