Jaxstar explores the pros and cons of “Ndalama”

Jaxstar - Ndalama hit maker


Rejuvenated rapper Jaxstar on Saturday 19th March released new song “Ndalama” in which he discusses money, the good, the bad and the ugly.

Done in both English and Chichewa, the song is quite captivating with a catchy hook and a heavy beat that leaves one jiggle throughout the Black Eye produced song which also features Stich Fray.

The rapper said the song was inspired by true events, from having money to being broke hence the public will easily relate to the concept.

In the song, Jaxstar raps, “Look what money brings, enemies and better things/Fake friends they always claim, skinny girls in miniskirts, everyday they wanna flirt/Look what money does, they claim they got the buzz/Money brings happiness/…it brings holiness/Money never went to those that really need it/Money pays all the bills, look how money kills.”

“I talking about something that everybody knows. We know what money has done to all of us, good or bad, it’s just about money.

“I just want to do good music; I’m not trying to be the baddest. We all get moved by music, music is a universal language that we all speak when we want to express ourselves and the events around us hence we call it art, it’s the most beautiful thing in the world,” he stated in an interview.

Born Chimwemwe Ayanja Jamali in a family of six on 5 April 1991 in Lilongwe, Malawi,  he attended Walani Primary School, Michiru Secondary School and went on to pursue a degree in Law and Shariah at Zanzibar University, Tanzania.

Jaxstar started rapping in 2006, he has one mixtape under his belt “2000 and shine” which featured Young Kay, Dare Devils, Revolver and Hypa. The mixtape was released in 2009 under Baseline Studios which was owned by Pempho Kafoteka and Sonyezo Kandoje.

In 2010, Jaxstar put his music on hold and left Malawi for Tanzania to further his studies. After graduating in 2015, he came back to Malawi and he is currently reviving his music career.

In 2015, he teamed with Blantyre based producer Black Eye, Classick and Africa to record his comeback single “No Stress”. In 2016, he has released another single “Ndalama” featuring Stick Fray in preparation for the release of his new EP titled “Not For Your Ears” scheduled for July release.

Listen and Download “Ndalama” on http://mdubvibe.com/song-details/?sid=10896



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