OPINION: Value Management teams

By Harold Kapindu

Record companies play a crucial role for an artist in music industry. In the absence of a record company, management and public relations (PR) teams perform similar duties for an artist.

In Malawi, we all know that there are no record companies and this puts pressure on artists forcing them to do everything single handedly. To be an artist is a job on it’s own. An artist duty is to be in the studio, make hit songs, rehearse and perform on stage.

Management teams are responsible for bookings and handling all managerial work such as negotiating endorsement deals, planning and budgeting while public relations teams are responsible for press releases, imaging and interacting with the media.

If an artist is attending every meeting, writing press releases and talking to the media then when will he find time to record or perform?

Lately, there has been an outcry as to why some artists get press attention and others don’t. If you look at the artists that get so much press, most of them once had or have management and public relations teams.

You don’t have to have to worry about having money to pay them. In USA for example, most artists use their family and friends as their partners in show business. Justin Bieber is managed by his mother, Beyonce was once being managed by her father, The Jackson 5 was being managed by their father, and these are all successful multi-platinum selling artists.

Surely, you have someone in your circle of family and friends who know something, someone who did accounting, business administration or someone having negotiation skills, use them if they are good at their job, money will start coming in and everyone will be happy.

Social media is the cheapest form of communication; use it to reach out to your fans. If you are a youngster doing music, chances are your target audience is on one if not most of the social media platforms.

As energetic youngsters with exposure, it’s high time we changed things. We have seen how the previous generations have failed us and we have a chance to capitalize on their mistakes.


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