Daredevils announce album after hiatus



By Mpho Musowa

After a hiatus from the powerhouse, Rap duo Daredevils has announced the release of an album.

The brothers, Marcus the KJ Pasanje and Graiton GD Pasanje last collective effort, “Welcome to the dark side” EP was leaked in 05-06 and turned out to be a classic.

Since then, the two have collaborated with various artists without putting out their own projects; to the dismay of fans they have been pushing back release dates.

However, the duo have finally made a bold announcement backed with proof attributing the push back to tight work schedules between the two.

In a YouTube message the Daredevils are seen in studio bumping to hardcore rap beat.

The 0.29 second clip uploaded to GD channel confirms the long awaited music from the two who are greats in the music arena.

Despite not disclosing the actual timeline of the release and album title in the clip, our reporter sort for clarity.

GD told this publication the album is untitled at the moment but is certain will be out end march.

“We on some crazy stuff, we want to go back to that essence,” he said describing the album.

He added, “I got a good feeling about this.”

In terms of features GD explicitly said, “No features, because we want to experiment with some weird ideas mixed with our usually stupid concepts.”

“And no self respecting Artist should feel comfortable collaborating with us on our own project” he laughed.

Nyasashowbiz has learnt that the album will comprise of a balanced combination of 5 instrumentals from each of the brothers.

“We decided to contribute 5 instrumentals each”

In the video posted on YouTube the duo can be heard listening to one of GD beat projected to be in the album.

“I’m making Marcus listen to my 5 instrumentals in that video. Marcus is yet to put together his 5 so we’ll see” GD added.

Watch the clip here



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