Genii Blakk and DMG set to release back to back projects

Genii Black

By Mpho Musowa

Genii Blakk returns to active music scene with the announcement of his highly anticipated album entitled “The Music Man” Mid this year.

Genii late last year released a smash hit single “AYI” which features label mate El Mind and has been said to be one of the most intriguing songs so far.

In anticipation for the album release the DMG CEO will drop a new single titled “Mkazi Wapabala” on February 15th of this Month with guest featured from prolific Zembani band NepMan.

The song was recorded by DMG and Abstract Records by producer EQ along with Genii Blakk.

In an exclusive interview Genii described the song “Mkazi Wapabala” as a true story based on social activities involving prostitution and the welfare behind sex workers together with women that go to Pubs or Clubs who face social injustice by being called prostitutes”.

“Hip Hop has lost its direction over the years if we look at Malawi’s status”

“Nowadays there are less true Hip Hop artists that aim at educating, entertaining whilst addressing the most important things to develop our nation”

“As a Hip Hop artist am supposed to raise awareness on a lot of things that affect us as Malawians from time to time so a song like Mkazi Wapabala  isn’t just an ordinary song for people to dance to, once they hear it I know a lot of people will relate to it.

NepMan appears on the chorus and gives a good expression of someone testifying upon understanding why women get involved in bars and clubs over other things.

Genii Blakk illustrates perfectly in his verses by interacting with the audience about the impact of prostitution towards a developing nation such as Malawi for a fact that in the end everybody wants to survive beneficial to them whilst interacting with a woman.

The song is off the album “The Music Man” and is yet to have a video out after the songs release.

Genii also disclosed that DMG is a on working on releasing its first EP as well as the long awaited Album Compilation Entitled “UNTOLD, Hip Hop Resurrected” which will be out project next month both Online and in retail shops.

“First single to be released by DMG comes out this week on Thursday and Feature DMG acts; Jhon O’ Dreams, El Mind, Spotless and Genii Blakk himself.

The song is called “If It Aint about Money” and will be available online” said Genni.


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