Dizzo releases new single “You Dunno My Struggle”

Dizzo - Rapper,Producer and TV host


By Harold Kapindu

Lilongwe, 9 January 2016, Mana: After taking a musical break to complete his university education, hosting his own radio show on Star FM and being a marketing executive for Timveni media, rapper – cum – producer and TV host Alex “Dizzo Kachepa” has bounced back with a new song “You Dunno My Struggle”.

According to a press release from A1 Music Group made available to Malawi News Agency, the new song is the first in a stream of new music and content that A1 Music Group plans to release over the year in anticipation to the official launch of A1 Music Group and projects from its various artists.

“You Dunno My Struggle” keeping to Dizzo’s work ethic, is both produced and performed by the artist.

“The song is an upbeat declaration that even though I’ve been away from the game, I never stopped working, I was just working in the background and now I’m back,” said Dizzo in a press statement.

With a danceable beat and catchy hook, the artist creatively expresses how his belief in hard work and a positive attitude is the only way to survive and succeed in life.

Dizzo is a recognized rapper, singer and producer who has worked with most local urban acts both in and out of the studio as an artist, promoter and producer.

The rapper further confessed that he had to step back from music and give himself time in order to produce material that would make his fans proud.

“This song is a feel good anthem for anyone who has seen worse conditions but fights to put themselves in a better position. It is both a victory song and an inspirational song”, explained Dizzo.

“You Dunno My Struggle” which has been released on 9th January 2016 is already up for downloads and live streaming on http://m.malawi-music.com/song.php?id=3623 , it can currently be requested on various radio stations including Star FM, FM 101, Joy Radio, Galaxy FM, Capital FM and Dziko FM.


Twitter: @A1_Dizzo

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/dizzomuzik

Instagram: @A1_Dizzo

Email: a1mediacommunications@gmail.com


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