Review: Home Grown African “Blantyre Blues EP”

Hayze Engola and Classick aka Home-Grown-African

Hayze Engola and Classick aka Home-Grown-African

By Mpho Musowa

Probably the best hip hop duo of our time, Home Grown African [Hayze Engolah and Classick] dropped their first collaborative EP effort on December 19, 2015.

As a music enthusiast and writer i have keenly followed the build up to this EP, Blantyre Blues.

So when I got word to preview the EP, prior to its release i jumped on to the taxi.

I have written several articles about its anticipation and finally I had a chance to preview the EP plus do interviews.

BBEP comes after a hiatus period from the duo focusing on solo projects prompting split rumours.

That said the two together complement each other on the tape cementing their bond and future speculations.

Talumba Chirwa, manager for HGA disclosed that the tape is meant to help one get by everyday Blantyre life.

“This is nolstagic music, it will elevate our fans”.

“Its not turnt up music as it has a different feel, reminisce of the roots because it captures that old school hip hop”.

TC further divulged that an album is in the offing this year however he could not be drawn to explain the details saying HGA is all about work and less talk.

On whether critics will say the EP is not in touch with African authenticity TC elaborated, “If we were talking about guns, now there would be a problem”.

“If we were talking about  hurting people, now that would just be an extra lie”.

“Listen to Classick on Victoria Ave, he talks about coming from a hood where people don’t park in their own yards”.

“He say he works 7 to 5, rappers say 9 to 5. This is Malawi and it relates so I don’t think it gets any realer than that”.

BBEP was premiered on MBC2 Born n Bred and is available for download on Malawi Music dot com.

Official track list is

  1. Victoria Ave
  2. K/S
  3. Blantyre Blues
  4. Bullet Proof
  5. Only One Night
  6. They Dunno
  7. A.S.A.N.B.L.A ft Emi Long
  8. Chosen
  9. The Vision5

Five things to know about Blantyre Blues EP

  1. Mostly Hayze influenced. Details life of a Blantyre resident
  2. Well laid concepts
  3. Classic selection of beats
  4. Poetic word play
  5. Exceptional delivery

You can place this EP among greats like Daredevils ‘Welcome to the Darkside’ and Incyt ‘Njuchi mixtape’.

Blantyre Blues EP tracklist

Blantyre Blues EP tracklist

Check out part lyrics to ‘They Dunno’

What do you do when you are the chosen from the unchosen people

When you are trying to lead and they  aren’t coming with you

When you’re showing love and they’re  all trying to diss you

But when you’re dead and gone they’ll  be the first to say they miss you –

Miss who? Oh you guys will thank me  later

Probably becoz i am still the best on my worst behaviour (worst!!)

It’s no joke ma nigga ma flo dope

Ma content is still real, i am deeper  than ya’ll thought

Look here my friend, i made a lot of  friends -my fans

Look here my friend, i made a lot of  fans -my friends

That was the worst mistake

Now i know what’s love and these  people’s love is not coming from the  soul these days

I know what’s up… and that’s us  (homegrown), real niggas… that’s us

In God we trust, now watch us make  moves

Aleluya amen, brother Salaam Alaikum  (echo)


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