New Music: Angwazi – “Matafale”



Artist: Angwazi
Title: Matafale
Producer: Rebel Musiq
Release: Friday, 27 November 2015
The Song
“Matafale”, produced by Rebel Musiq, is a tribute to legendary Malawian Reggae artist, the late Evison Matafale, the founder of the group Black Missionaries.
“Doing a tribute to Matafale is something that has been on my mind for a while. I believe he would have made it to great heights internationally by now, and he is one artist that all Malawians can agree is a true legend who deserves to be honoured. These days I see a lot the legendary this and the legendary that, but seriously there’s no legend in urban music circles in Malawi, only pioneers.
“I did ‘Matafale’ to recognize the king of Reggae, as they say real recognize real, and me being ‘The Ngwazi’ I am, I decided to pay my respects to the fallen legend before I start exercising my powers around here,” Angwazi explains the motivation behind the composition.
The Artist
Born Caleb Bright Kawamba on December 7, Angwazi is a Malawian rapper, record producer and entrepreneur. He owns New Wave Concepts, a think-tank & intellectual property company.
He grew up in a musical family, his father was a singer in the mid 70s to early 80s and his mother is a songwriter, hence he’s had music in his blood. But he got attached to what he describes as “fast-talking kind of music” once he heard an LL Cool J track “I need love” and “Walk this way” by RUN DMC when he was about 9. He started practicing and was writing raps in the middle of a Maths book and any paper he could get his hands on, which usually got him slapped or pinched.
Angwazi has been on the hip-hop scene since early 2000’s; he recorded material in Malawi & USA between 2006 to 2009 in a period he considered “a development stage”. In 2012, he started working on his first ever mixtape titled “Angwazi The Mixtape” with two of Lilongwe’s renowned hip-hop producers Rebel Musiq & Dizzo. The mixtape was released in 2013.
“Passion never dies and I have a pretty clear picture of where I want to take this to. I would have come out years back, but planning is the most critical part of any mission, so I had to sit back and not rush for fame or recognition.
“My music is all about giving a positive energy. As a person am allergic to negativity and I cut off anything or anybody around me producing negative energy, so when am writing, it comes natural to write feel good music even if am in a bad situation because personally it’s just impossible to express myself through putting out negative energy, am always looking for the good even in the bad,” he shares his inspirations.
Angwazi’s music can be sampled by visiting his Facebook
( and Reverbnation page
(, his Twitter handle is @iAmCaLy.

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