Malawian Afro-R&B musician Maskal has released new songs “Mnyumba Mwanga” and “Gwiritsa”, which came out on Tuesday, 24th November 2015.

“Mnyumba Mwanga” is a song that talks about a bachelor convincing a woman to settle down with him to make his home complete as people have been mocking him for an empty, unfriendly house because there’s no woman in it.

The second song, “Gwiritsa”, gets Maskal singing about a relationship which is going through stormy weather and as a man he’s restoring hope as he tells his woman to hold on and stay focused because he’s right by her side and no matter what they go through, the sun will shine again tomorrow.

“I am happy that finally I have new material out. I took time to put out new music because I wanted to bring something different and unique from what’s on the market. My new album will be coming out after close to four years of no full project and I’m sure it will be worth the wait,” Maskal comments on the new music.

The two tracks, both in vernacular Chichewa, are taken from the singer’s upcoming untitled album that Maskal has been working on for a year and is scheduled for release within the first quarter of the year 2016. The project is 85 percent complete. This will be the artist’s third album following his 2011 and 2012 releases, “Nthawi” and “Umunthu”, respectively.

For more updates and Maskal’s music, get him online:



Twitter: @Maskalsingjay

Instagram: @Maskalsingjay



Tel: +265(0)212981701/212930799



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