Rap beef escalates to violence

Trap Squad

Trap Squad

By Mpho Musowa

Rap beef between Blantyre outfit Trap Squad and Lilongwe rivals Soul Rebel Entertainment artists has escalated to violence.

A brawl ensured at UMP festival on Sunday but no one was injured.

The scrimmage took place backstage and was instigated by Third Eye when he approached Revolver talking sh*t about being ready.

Revolver was occupied with a fan and ignored him.

Then Gwamba showed up but he didn’t say anything.

Suddenly, two goons approached Revolver to confront him and a war of words ensured before getting physical.

Mibawa production crew handy in breaking up the two before it got worse however the altercation ensured yet again on twitter.

Gwamba bragged about how he smashed Revolver but rapper and media practitioner Slessor who was on site when this took place dismissed the said allegations.

Gwamba tweeted “Never let none of these p*ssies fool u. This is just twitter. Ask @revolvermw what happened”.

Gwamba later on removed the tweet but it was enough to get twitter users reactions.

In response Revolver tweeted “Gwamba if you gonn send some guy to f*ck me up, atleast get somebody that can fight. Your goon didnt do nun other than hug me”.

And then Slessor joined the twitter conversation “Sendin dudes 2do ur dirty work”.

“Revolver was not beaten. I was there. Dude and his friend Mandela sent dudes but all there was pushing. No one got hurt”.

“Dont talk gangster on twitter when u dont have the balls to confront your opponent”.

TS and SRE artists are bitter rivals and were booked to perform at the same event.

Various quotas had raised concerns prior to the show that a fight might take place  when the two rivals meet at one place following growing resentment towards each other.

Prince Chikweba, a media personality said “Last week I asked the UMP guys to make sure the security was tight at the event because it was too obvious zoti ena amenyana/might”

Recently Krazie G dissed Revolver and Chavura in Dalis’ new single “Wallet”.

A situation which led to Dali got dragged into the beef for letting “Wallet” out when he and Revolver are home boys.

In the run up to Sundays event, Gwamba sent subliminal shots on twitter saying he was coming to Blantyre to perform and sort out a “small problem”

Gwamba tweeted “All this bullshit ends tomorrow

When Revolver got wind of it he fired back “F*ck subtweeting, ticheza mawa ngati mukutifuna. And i’ll be in 25 next weekend, we can take it there”

Meanwhile after the incident occurred at the B.A.T grounds, Revolver and his Trapsquad family told organisers that they were leaving the grounds to avoid going hysterical and turnish image of a good show.


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