Mercy’s Blessing movie premieres in Malawi

Mercy captured in the movie

Mercy captured in the movie

By Harold Kapindu

Lilongwe, 9 November 2015, Mana: Mayflower creations in association with UN Women and Ministry of education on Friday premiered the 5 time award winning Malawi movie at Crossroads Hotel in Lilongwe.

Speaking at the premiere, guest of honour, Deputy Minister of Education, Science and Technology Vincent Nghambi, MP said government has waged war against school teachers having sexual affairs with students.

The Deputy Minister made the remarks in reference to the movie’s scene where a girl student got pregnant, failed to further her education after having an affair with a secondary school teacher for monetary and material support.

“This movie has come at a critical time when Malawi is about to celebrate 16 days of gender activism,” he said, “This movie demonstrate social inequalities that hinder a girl child from enjoying her rights to education.”

He further stated that government is working on making communities to own public schools so that communities should encourage girl child education.

Mercy’s Blessing is a movie about love and sacrifice where a brother sacrificed his education for his sister’s academic future.

In her remarks, the movie’s director May Taherzadeh said the movie was inspired by true events.

“When people see the issues artistically, it will stimulate discussions about boy and girl education. People will agree and disagree on issues whereby creating a debate to find lasting solutions to encourage girl child education,” she said.

Mercy’s Blessing has been screened in 10 countries; it stars Alick Chavula and Hazel Roberts as leading characters, the soundtrack features Overton Chimombo and Shemu Joyah.


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