Robert Chiwamba launches new poetry album

Robert Chiwamba

Robert Chiwamba

Lilongwe, 7 November 2015: Poet Robert Chiwamba is set to release his newest poetry album titled “Kwa Mayi Chiwamba” to be launched this coming Sunday, 8th November at Chrichi Multipurpose Gardens in Chitawira, Blantyre.

According to a press release sent to this reporter, “Kwa Mayi Chiwamba”, which has 33 poems, is Chiwamba’s second poetry release following the successful 2012 “Chanco Munthawi Yanga” which comprised 31 poems, among them the popular “Mudzafa Imfa Yowawa”, “Kwainu Mahope Anga Ndilira” and “Adzaima Penapake”.

Some of the sensational compositions making the new album are “Pampanda”, “Malemuwa ndi Ndalama Zanga”, “BP Yanga Yakwera”, “Takumana pano ndi pa Msika” and “Kukhala Mmalawi ndikulimba Mtima”, which are already enjoying massive airplay on different radios across the country.

“The album is dedicated to my mum for her love and care on me and my siblings, thus the title ‘Kwa Mayi Chiwamba’. It has everyday life experiences as its inspiration as it talks about daily experiences,” explained Chiwamba in the statement.

The 25-year-old Lilongwe based poet added: “the message is from God to his people, from the poor to non-governmental organisations and government, from an ordinary person to another”.

The project was recorded at Audio Clinic Studios in Blantyre by Uncle Layi and Marvin Hanke. The CDs will be sold for the first time during the Blantyre launch.

After unveiling the album in Blantyre, Chiwamba is expected to take the launch to Lilongwe at Capital City Motel on Sunday 15th of November, 2015.

At the Blantyre launch, guest artists will include musician Giddes Chalamanda, the Chichiri Dancing Troupe as well as poets Mada Nyambo, Raphael Sitima, Sylvester Kalizang’oma, Mr. Malawi and Atcheya, among others.

In Lilongwe, musician Lulu will join Mtendere Dancing Troupe, Mada Nyambo, Josephy Madzedze, Hudson Chamasowa, Mr Malawi and Aunt Gate.


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