Pastor Salanje buys Mascots’ unreleased song at K100, 000

Mascot - Pastor Salanje is a blessing

Mascot – Pastor Salanje is a blessing

By Mana

Budding urban music artist Mascot, well known for his hit song Phuma Nje, had one kind of a surprise when he made K100, 00 from an unreleased single titled Ngati Salanje, courtesy of the embarrassingly blessed Pastor himself; Hastings Salanje.

This comes amidst the recent Salanje frenzy where by the self proclaimed embarrassingly blessed pastor had been dishing out money to some of his lucky Facebook friends and followers.

With the development, Mascot, real name Chrispine Chingeni decided to make a song urging people to persevere in whatever challenges they may be facing as come one day, they would make it big, just like Pastor Salanje.

Little did he know that the idea only would land him K100, 000.

Malawi News Agency (Mana) caught up with Mascot who explained on how he came about to receive the money.

“It all started with this song I am working on at Chitchat records. When I got home, I decided to update my status on facebook which talked of the upcoming song. Out of the blues, I was surprised to see his (Pastor Salanje) post Tuesday morning saying he was going to buy my song at a one hundred thousand kwacha.

“After some time, I received a message on facebook from him saying I should check my phone and I found the money in my Airtel money account. Interestingly, this means I have made a hundred thousand kwacha from an unreleased song.

“I am really overwhelmed as of now. This means there are really some people out there who really want to help others and that guy is a blessing to many,” said the seemingly enthusiastic Mascot.

According to the artist, the song is expected to be released next week, and has been produced by the Daredevils at Low Budget records in Blantyre with the voices recorded by Dj Sley at Chitchat Records in Lilongwe

He said the song mainly urges people not to lose hope as in his words it is possible to achieve anything, just like pastor Salanje and a few others who have over the period accumulated wealth.

Mascot bemoaned the tendency of people who easily lose hope once they see things not working out for them.

“For example, most of us musicians are not signed to any record label and it becomes difficult to get your songs out there. In the process, artists tend to dump the music industry despite having that rare talent in them.

“Similarly, when people are not doing good in their respective businesses, most of the times they will just give up and start saying it was written that they would never prosper. That is not the case. Everyone has a better future and at the time you are giving it up, it is the time near to your success,” said he.

The artist subsequently promised his fans good and improved music from him as he says his status has been elevated and his K100, 000 from pastor Salanje will help him in his music career.

In his recent post, the artist said: “In the future, I will tell my children that I made K100, 000 from an unreleased song,” posted Mascot.


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