K-Bonnie releases new single

K-Bonnie - Raw


23, May 2015

Malawi’s Hip Hop artist, K-Bonnie has released another raw and rugged new song titled “Am Raw” which features a new and up and coming artist ‘Thom Jones’ who is rumoured to be co-signed by Lilongwe legendary Hip Hop artists namely Dominant One and Third Eye.

According to K-Bonnie, “Am Raw” single which was recorded in 2014, was released this year because the original studio file had been lost so it had to be recovered from somewhere else.

“We recorded this song a long while ago. Dizzo called me, I called Thom Jones and we had a bunch of homeboys from area 12 in the studio. I kicked my three verses without a hook and when Thom Jones heard them he requested to do the hook. Me and Thom Jones have been friends since 2006/2007 somewhere around there, he is a dope rapper so I allowed him to do the hook and the outcome was as dope as you can hear,” said K-Bonnie.

In the song, K-Bonnie raps about how artists sacrifice their souls at the expense of fame and how rich people are taking advantage of Malawian artists’ ignorance on how the music business operates.

K-Bonnie and Thom Jones have once worked together before on the hit single “Miss Me” which features the renowned Prime Time dancehall artist Nesnes.

“I am proud of Nesnes and Edwardo. Nesnes had a street buzz when I came to Lilongwe but when I, Dizzo and Thom Jones linked with him, everything changed and the rest is history. That’s the spirit we need to have, pushing one another rather than back biting and investing time on jealousy,” K-Bonnie explained.

Am Raw was produced and recorded by Dizzo and it is available for free downloads on http://mdubvibe.com/song-details/?sid=5925



Artist: K-Bonnie

Song: Am Raw Feat Thom Jones

Verse 1

All eyes on me like Roman numerals, class in session these are Hip Hop quotables/am a living symbol of realism, am as real as I come (cum) I shoot like orgasm/Going deep, Prophet Bushiri on these niggas/Catch me if you can, am going Usain Bolt on these niggas/Ya making music for the whores? Am on to the next one you can’t even come close/I aint gotta spit it out, my track record speaks for itself/2008 I had gornoria, 2009 I had chancroid, 2010 I had candiasis, how ya think I got that?Your girl is my bitch, yeah am smacking that/Kimbo Slice, Kimbo Price, slice and dice, smooth like ice, once beaten twice, that’s nice


They want war, on top of them all they can’t compare/Am raw, on top of them all they can’t come near/Am raw, on top of them all, am the one you should fear/am flipping them gears the sum of all fears X2

Verse 2

War is Raw, local is lekker, Kadansana mpaka ku blaka/No punchlines I punch the whole verse, when I go IN, I go IN no reverse/Ya taking time chewing I swallow a bunch at the same time/No kindergarten raps fuck you pay me, where is my dime? These Keagan niggas tryana rob me blind, these Uti niggas tryana rob me blind/If Big Brother is watching cover your eyes am butt fucking these raps cats from behind/Time to take a giant dump on the rap industry, record labels messing up the artistry/Wacky DJs can’t even do the turntable chemistry/Nowadays rap is just rhythm no poetry even conscious rappers dumbing down lyrics to get airplay


Verse 3

Nowadays Hip Hop is a circus a bunch of retarded kids tryana act funny/Repetitive bars, useless punchlines not to mention the outfit is kinda funny/You getting signed, getting jerked off, they ripping you off and you smile? What a dummy/Tryana be tough, give em a few slaps they be crying, sobbing going back to mommy/Ama take it easy on you and give you a few tips, if you wanna be popular, here is the formula/Get a beat from Dare Devils or Pro Pee, feature Young Kay on the first verse, Armstrong on the hook, Barry One on the next verse/You can finish it up with your best verse/Mix it up with English and vernacular, hook up with a DJ, non in particular

HOOK (Repeat till fade)


E-mail: artsforchangemw@gmail.com

Cell: 0882094492


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