Airtel let go Piksy – It is a win – win situation, says Piksy



By Mana

Airtel Malawi limited has announced the end of the ambassadorial contract the company had with one of the leading urban music artist Piksy, who was behind Malawis first advertising song, Yabooka to be a household song in clubs and parties.

Signed two years ago, the partnership had been the first and successful of a kind for a big commercial company to have with an urban artsist, but according to Airtel Malawi; the romance had to come to an end as the company is now taking a different direction in its financial year which started April.

Airtel Brands Communications Manager Isabel Kachinjika Wednesday told journalists soon after announcing that the contract, which actually ended November 2015, would not be renewed that the company had been waiting to see the direction it would take and how the artist could be engaged in the new strategy.

“(Finally) we thought that as for now in terms of an Airtel Ambassadorship, it was better to end the contract. If there is still need to engage him it would be on a contractual basis as part of Airtel’s extended family, but for now we are ending the contract on a very amicable note.

“However, we still see him as part of the Airtel family and we are still here to support him. That is the reason we are having this function today. Ordinarily the contract would have just ended it there and then. But today we are recognising and appreciating him as an ambassador who has worked very well with us over the past two years,” said Kachinjika.

According to her, the two parties working relationship had been fruitful and a success. Kachinjika highlighted the success of the Yabooka, Timaitha projects as some of the fruits from their relationship.

She also hailed the spirit of forthcoming and the ability of Piksy in engaging patrons whenever there are events and functions, and described him as someone who has a good reputation, commands a massive following amongst the youth which had lured Airtel into signing him after a thorough research.

However, she said this did not mean Airtel is diverting its focus from the music sector but only changing its approach as according to her; music will always be part of Airtel.

The brands manger was quick to point out that their relationship had paid off and has made Airtel the trendsetters in the area.

She said with him; the company had been associated with a lot of successful things, amongst that; jingles and music that will live in the lives of the people for a long time.

But, she said; another important aspect was the impact the company has had in Piksy’s life.

“The impact that we as Airtel had on Piksys’ life has also been something that we as Airtel feel honoured to be part of because we are a brand that believes in enriching and empowering people to reach their full potential. We believe we played a small part towards actually elevating his career,” she said.

In his remarks, Piksy, real name Evans Zangazanga the milestone he took with Airtel had been an eye opener and also a tough mountain to climb.

“It is kind of sad (for the contract to end) but I also now feel proud because I have contributed a lot to Airtel, so; it is all good as it is a win-win situation. I have now been exposed, have so much experience that I can work with other companies and that means a bright future.

“However, it was really challenging because the first song I did, Yabooka; I was given 14 days to record that song. In 13 days I could not put anything on paper which to me signified that it was a big thing for a big company that I had to do my best

According to the Unamata hit-maker, his future remains promising and disclosed of he will be coming up with an album later this year.

He also disclosed that on top of The Basketball Association of Malawi, he has also been approached by Unicef to be one of their fifteen Ambassadors for planning and population in Malawi.

However, Piksy said all in all his ambassadorship with the company; Airtel has opened up the horizon for him.

“I feel boosted right now as I can work now work with any other company. It made me grow as an artist and has earned me some respect as an artist as well. So i am so grateful for this opportunity because i now feel big and important.

“Given another chance to represent Airtel? Yes I would take it because I loved the relationship. It was really tight,” said the now former Airtel ambassador.


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