Piksy takes a swipe at copycats



By Harold Kapindu

Lilongwe, 14 May 2015, Mana: Celebrated artist, Piksy on Wednesday night took time off his busy schedule to criticise and advice both up and coming and established musicians on what type of music they should be producing.

The “Unamata” star, started off his rant with a sarcastic tweet saying, “Shout out to all the Malawian artists trying so hard to sound Nigerian… you really are making the industry boring. #Salute

He further pointed out that if a Malawian sounds like Davido, he would rather listen to Davido.

“We Malawians, we have Manganje, Ingoma, Beni and many more cultural dances. We can work around that,” he advised.

The artist who seem to be fade up with Malawian artists copying Nigerian music went as far as saying, “Malawian artists who sound Nigerian shouldn’t get royalties from Copyright Society of Malawi (COSOMA). Azikatenga ku Nigeria konko”

“Wait, if you can’t sing but you want to contribute to the industry, you can contribute. You can pass around flyers or something,” he joked.

Piksy, a former member of the now defunct Atumwi shot to fame in early 2000s with a unique style of Hip Hop blended with Malawian cultural elements.

He is currently in the studio working on his second album titled ‘Mthunzi’ scheduled to be released later this year.


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