New Crop School of actors opened


By Mana

In one way of making acting a career for aspiring actors and actresses a new school of acting was opened in Lilongwe and Blantyre and is being called New Crop of Actors which is being directed by Flora Suya who also tutors.

The school which operates every Friday to Sunday from 1:30pm at both campuses teaches students stage and movie acting.

“It’s almost a month since the school was opened and we have about 21 students of which 14 are men and the rest are females,” said spokesperson of the school Sammy Inkosi Katengeza.

After completion of one year theory classes, the students will graduate with a Certificate in Acting and will be required to feature in a movie under New Crop or the students will be recommended to other local movie productions.

According to Katengeza, Film Association of Malawi will provide the certificates to deserving students.

“The only college that offers acting in Malawi is Chancellor College (Chanco) so we feel this is one way of reaching out to wannabe actors and actresses who were not enrolled at Chanco,” said Katengeza adding that their dream is to transform into a movie industry.

However, Katengeza argued that the way acting is being portrayed in Malawi leads to most ladies shun joining the movie industry and makes it even harder when the actress gets married.

“What makes acting interesting is that you can become anything in the movie according to the character you are playing which you are not in real life. You can be a President and receive presidential honour being driven in expensive cars even a prostitute but some people don’t understand that after acting we have our own lives contrary to what we were in the movie or drama,” said Katengeza.

He also blamed piracy which has become rampant in the country arguing that piracy is stealing other peoples God given talents.

He said, “piracy is almost like killing, we invest a lot of money to make a movie or for artist to release an album but before we even start selling you will find that your movie or album is already on the market yet the actors and actresses need to be paid.”

He however appealed to parents to let their children attend the school if they want to pursue a career in acting and the cooperate world to help in movie productions.

“We struggle to book an office space even costumes so at times we just give up and use the resources that we have compromising the movie,” he concluded.

The School which is self funded operates at Lilongwe Primary in Falls Estate and at Nanzikambe Campus in Blantyre.


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