George Kalukusha Music Mini Album Launch

George Kalukusha

George Kalukusha

By Mana

Influencing can be done in many ways. You can either influence or be influenced by a lot of things. For example, music which is a silent influence changes a person knowing or unknowingly.

For George Kalukusha it took his friends performance when he was 18 years that moved him to have an ability to influence other people’s emotions and thoughts through music.

“I picked up the guitar with a lot of practice under my belt I finally felt ready to conquer an Open Mic Night, I was so nervous, my voice was shaking but afterwards a lot of people came up to me and told me how much they like my music, I guess the rest is history now,” he said.

From his friend’s performance and during the Open Mic Night influence, George’s journey into the music industry began that he released his first single Bottles that made it into top 50 on the ITunes singer/songwriter charts.

The singer who is also a poet and a part time presenter at Beyond FM in Lilongwe said that in 2014 he released an extended play titled Hourglass.

“I record my music at home with my brother but two of my songs 1 2 Step and Caravan were recorded at Nyali studios,” said Kalukusha.

The journey of Kalukushas music career will come to the maximum on 16 May when he will be launching his mini album Growing Pains at Koko Bean Café Lilongwe Wildlife Centre.

“I don’t have the financial backing to make the mark I would want to make with a debut album, till then I am only doing extended plays,” he said.

The mini album comprises of 6 songs namely Good Blood which is the lead single, 1 2 Step, Caravan, The Night is Young, Fond of me and Bottles. However, Fond of Me features Sirius while The Night Is Young features Adrian and Sirius.

“People say my music is not Malawian but last time I checked I am a Malawian thus my music is Malawian,” said Kalukusha.

During the launch, there will be a meet and greet, selling of merchandise, Cds and Kalukusha taking pictures with the fans. Guests artist include Gwamba Mw, Adrian, Malawis Own and Menes La Plume official.

“Later this year am planning to have an African and European tour,” said the Acoustic soul folk star adding that upon paying entry fee of MK 2500 guests will receive his Cd.


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