‘Mvelani’ music site getting overwhelming response

By Mana

Newly established music sharing website ‘Mvelani’ has received overwhelming response from artists and listeners both from Malawi and overseas, founder Dumisani Kapanga has said.

Kapanga expressed his excitement with the development in an interview Monday afternoon.

“Just 3 months after launching, the music sharing website ‘Mvelani’ is celebrating multiple cross-country deals and has secured over 5,000 tracks. From a standing start the music sharing platform for Africa now gets around 8,000 users a day and has recorded a growth rate of 1,500 Face book likes per week,” explained Kapanga.

“The site now offers access to music not only from artists in Malawi but from Lesotho, Swaziland, Burundi, Zambia, Congo, Cameroun and Nigeria where I have recently secured contracts with COSON – the Nigerian copyright authority,” he added.

According to Kapanga, the growth in number of users has forced him to expand the site’s hosting capabilities.

“The numbers of users have increased so fast that I quickly realized I needed to develop a platform that was scalable to ensure consistent service to all users. My main priority was to build a platform that was socially integrated, easy to use and speedy.

“As a majority of our users are in countries where the bandwidth and internet is slow, I needed to create a lean platform to give them an advantage.” he said.

Kapanga also boasted that ‘Mvelani’ is expected to pay over K1 million to artists as part of ensuring that their work is recognized and appreciated.

“The site is also set to pay the Nigerian copyright authority 2 million Naira. Added on to the contributions paid to the other countries where artists are based, I am proud to say ‘Mvelani’ is working towards becoming a consistent contributor to the African economy,” he further stated.

Dumisani Kapanga is a University graduate from Glasgow Caledonian and works as an Investment Banking Analyst in London.


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