Lil Vince

Lil Vince

Vincent kamwana, popularly known by his stage name Lil Vince was born on 24th April 1993.
The Lilongwe born and raised rapper started rapping and composing songs in
2007.He recorded and dropped his first song in the same year under “jeans
records”, it was produced by K.uzu.

Since then Lil Vince has recorded a lot of songs and performed in many places like: Share World,
Amazon(former Nzazi), Golf Club and Hill 53 among other places.

He has also worked with a number of artists including  Kell kay, Walzmenia, Snick attack,
capital gal, triple B just to mention a few.

Lil Vince raps in both Chichewa and English in his songs to attract a wider audience.

The rapper says he is not currently signed to any record label.

Here  is the link of his song “mwai wina” (video)»» and the

“mwai wina” (video)»» and the


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