K-Bonnie pays homage to brothers passed

K-Bonnie 22

By James Mwale

Lilongwe, April 15, 2015, Mana: Lilongwe based rapper, K-Bonnie who recently released a new song “Sunshine Bright Lights”, says the song’s theme is rooted in having a good time and paying tribute to friends and relatives that passed on.

In an interview with Mana on Friday, the artist said he went through a dark period after losing a few friends that were close to him.

“I was quite close to Frank CN and A.I when I was in Blantyre. I was devastated when I heard of their ordeal.  I knew Mafunyeta through a friend when I was working for Star radio in 2009. I used to play his music on my shows and we became close when I came to Lilongwe,” K-Bonnie recounted.

R&B artist and co-owner of HB Records Frank Nyirenda aka Frank CN died in a car accident, Rapper and former Capital FM DJ Emmanuel Kwenda aka A.I died in 2014 while Reggae Dancehall icon Patrick Magalasi aka Mafunyeta died after a short illness in 2013.

In the new song “Sunshine Bright Lights”, K-Bonnie raps: “RIP to the brothers that died, CN, King Shaka and my brother A.I/Why they went early? We never know God’s plan, nobody lives forever, we had a good run”.

The rapper further disclosed that he feels relieved after releasing the song, which is available on the internet link http://mdubvibe.com/song-details/?sid=4731, saying the dark clouds have disappeared and the sun shines again.

“I believe the only way to deal with death is to accept it. I accepted a long time ago and it was high time I showed it to the public as an artist” he said.

“Sunshine Bright Lights” is off the soon to be released K-Bonnie’s EP titled “When a Black Sheep becomes Elephant in the room”; it was produced by Rebel Musiq and Ivor Otomani.


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