Media Group to hold Miss Lilongwe Beauty Pageant 2015

Some of the Miss LL compititors on agroup photo (2)
By Mana
Lilongwe: The Student Media Group, a coalition of eager, visionary and contributive youths who are geared to up-hold the livelihood of young girls in the lime light of youth empowerment and unlocking opportunities for a girl child in conjunction with Beautify Malawi Trust (BEAM) will on Saturday 24th April hold the Miss Lilongwe beauty pageant at Crossroads Hotel in Lilongwe.

Speaking at press briefing on Saturday, the events manager Tamara Bongah said the event will be graced by First Lady Madam Gertrude Mutharika who is also expected to crown the winner of the beauty pageant that has attracted eight competitors.

She said as the First Lady champions the beauty of Capital City and the whole nation through BEAM Trust, the Student Media Group had taken that as a driving force to recognize the beauty of young girls within the city through the pageant.

“The main objective of this event is to empower the youth through creation of job opportunities and business network and to bridge the current existing gaps between the youth, the corporate world, the community and the government,” said Bongah.

She further said the trends of activities for the 2015 Queen would be different with those of past years, as she would not be involved in charity work only but also the ambassador and initiator of many projects in liaison with other stakeholders such as: youth empowerment, health and sanitation, market our tourism sector as well as being the youth ambassador for the Go Green campaign.

Bongah said several artists including Dan-Lu, Gwamba, and the Great Angels Choir are expected to perform during event.

Tickets for the event are sold at Mk4, 500 single, Mk7, 500 double and Mk95, 000 for a corporate table, and are available at Crossroads Hotel, City Mall and GY Imports and Exports.


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