K-Bonnie 22

Malawi’s own Hip Hop Advocate, Rapper and Journalist Harold Kapindu popularly known by his stage name K-Bonnie has released a surprise single “Sunshine Bright Lights” and announced new EP titled “When a Black Sheep becomes Elephant in the room”.

According to the rapper, both the new single and EP are a response to Hip Hop lovers who have been questioning his silence and absence from the music industry.

“I used to be active in Hip Hop a few years ago. Many people think I quit and some people think am washed up. To be honest, the industry is quite frustrating at the moment. Our music is one dimensional and everybody sounds like everyone else. Nowadays, most of these new artists are releasing songs without a passion.

“I wouldn’t blame them though because that is how Hip Hop has changed, it is no longer a cultural movement it has become a very lucrative business. It really hurts to keep a pile of written material because you feel people can’t relate. I have books of rhymes but I feel depressed whenever I want to record. I really lack inspiration,” Explained K-Bonnie.

“Sunshine Bright Lights” was produced by Lilongwe based Rebel Musiq and mixed by Ivor Otomani of Oto Boys Music Inc. while “When a Black Sheep becomes Elephant in the room” EP is expected to have productions from Ireland based Namez and Rebel Musiq.

K-Bonnie made an impact on the local Hip Hop industry in mid 2000s. He co-hosted Hip Hop shows with DJ Kenny Klips on FM 101 Power, Joy radio with DJ Mbuzi (Marcus of Dare Devils) and Star Radio. In 2010 he released a hit song ‘Chinam’balala’ which exposed him to the mainstream music industry. He has since collaborated with Young Kay, Dare Devils, Nameless and Revolver among others.

Follow the link for free downloads http://mdubvibe.com/song-details/?sid=4731


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