Prime Time Media clocks 2 years


Edward Kankhomba

By Harold Kapindu

Lilongwe, February 25, 2015, Mana: Prime Time Media (PTM), an entertainment company that signed three successful urban music artists namely Duncan Zgambo (Gwamba), Kelvin Khuzumba (Nesnes) and Happy Mguza (King Chambiecco), is today 25th February celebrating two years in business.

According to the company’s manager Edward Kankhomba, the journey has not been all smooth without challenges.

“There is limited support from both the government and the private sector. This is not only affecting Prime Time Media but the whole entertainment business. There is a lot of lip service from all sectors,” bemoaned Kankhomba.

He said despite the challenges, the company has managed to assemble a manageable work force which is comprised of artists, graphic designers, videographers, bloggers and producers.

“This vibrant team of young people has embraced the idea of taking art as a career, taking music as business not as a hobby. Some of the artists (musicians, graphic designers, and producers) are on exclusive contract with Prime Time whilst some are on part time,” Kankhomba explained.

He added: “Through hard work, team spirit, staying focus, Prime Time Media has achieved the following: Recording and production of TNM’s Smart campaign theme song and Music Video, Nesnes, Gwamba, King Chambiecco nominated for MUMA Awards 2014, Gwamba winning the 2013 Hip Hop Artist of the year award and Gwamba becoming the SYP Malawi Ambassador for UNFPA’s Safeguard Young People Programme (SYP).”


He further pointed out that at Prime Time Media, they view arts as an area that can help in job creation and earning more forex if well supported.

“The music and movie business generates a lot of money for countries that are investing in it. It is high time that Malawi’s corporate sector start supporting our young talented men and women,” he said.

Prime Time Media works with TNM, Multichoice Malawi, PSI Malawi, National Youth Council of Malawi, UNFPA Malawi, Shamboko Bevarage, Pencils PR and Mobtech Solutions to expose new talent and promote local artists.

Originally, Prime Time Media started in 2006 as 10plusten Links, and rebranded into a media   production unit. It got registered with the Registrar of Companies under license on 25th February 2013. Currently, it is located at Ginnery Corner, Kidney Crescent, 1st floor of UTI Building in Blantyre.


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