Cassper Nyovest concerts to spearhead HIV/AIDS and Gender Based Violence awareness

Cassper Nyovest set to tour Malawi next month

By Harold Kapindu

Lilongwe, February 10, 2015: Cassper Nyovest, a South African hip-hop music superstar who is scheduled to perform in Blantyre on Saturday, 21st March 2015 at College of Medicine Sports Complex and 22nd March 2015 in Lilongwe at Alexander’s Pub Courtyard will spearhead HIV/AIDS and Gender Based Violence (GBV) awareness to the audiences.

This has been disclosed through a statement from Mango Entertainment who are the organisers of the Cassper Nyovest Malawi Tour 2015.

“This is an ideal set up where several youths shall converge, as such it would be a good opportunity to reach out to the youth, informing them of the dangers and repercussions of GBV, HIV/AIDS as well as other sexually transmitted diseases that can deter their professional development and eventually affect the country’s economic growth,” reads part of the statement.

The company observes that the rewards of a youth empowerment approach in high-poverty communities are significant, pointing out that there has never been a better time to invest in youth empowerment.

“They [the youth] are tomorrow’s leaders and if appropriate opportunities are made available to put their natural endowment to creative and productive channels, they are indeed capable of working wonders.

“There are several factors that impede youth development especially in developing countries like Malawi, some of which include sexually transmitted diseases like HIV/AIDS and GBV.  This can only be effectively tackled if measures are developed to change the underlying social norms and overall institutional culture,” added the statement.

“Our specific strategy is breaking the cultures of silence around gender based violence,” further states the entertainment company as part of its corporate social responsibility.

The targeted age group is 16-35 years which Mango Entertainment believes is very vulnerable and impressionable.

It added: “We feel that tackling the problem at an early age will have more impact on the community as a whole as it will help remove the stigma attached to this problem.”

The Cassper Nyovest Malawi Tour 2015 communication materials such as fliers and posters contain a short message advocating behavior change on the subject matter.

Television and radio adverts are expected to cause the peers to start conversing about the matter as it is linked to an influential artist Cassper Nyovest and there is a proposition that before his performance, the South Africa hot selling rapper will talk about GBV and HIV/AIDS prevention methods; encouraging abstinence or the use of protection.

The organisers are expected to distribute both male and female condoms as well as literature on the subject matter.

Apart from Cassper Nyovest, the concerts will also feature the cream of Malawian urban artists which include Gwamba, Blakjak, Dali, Blaze and Bagpac.

The shows will be hosted by the country’s Big Brother Africa Hotshots rep Mr 265 while South African DJs Noxx and Leon will man the decks.

Mango Entertainment is a local entertainment organizer and record company. In 2013 it successfully planned and executed two live performances in Blantyre and Lilongwe with Africa’s well renowned songbird Zahara.


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