Lush redefining Malawian entertainment industry


Picture shows Hayilu Likonde, the 2014 Mr. Malawi Tourism

By Mana

LUSH Entertainment Company says it is geared to address lack of seriousness and professionalism in Malawian Entertainment, a development which they say hinders the industry’s growth.

LUSH Entertainment Company comprises four people such as Loshaq, Kele, Zakira and Vicky and they focus on entertainment, talent and events management.

“LUSH is a group of people with different skill sets. Vicky is good with events management. Zakira in brand promotions, Kele has a talent in scouting/marketing and am the overseer of LUSH,” said Loshaq.

According to Loshaq, the company currently based in Lilongwe Area 12 and Centurion in South Africa is also signing in artists and models.

“We already have signed a few artists and we would like our local artists to do collaborations with artist across the globe and the models are for adverts, documentaries even acting in soapies or movies, “she said.

Apart from Malawi and South Africa, LUSH is also working with Juega Casa Entertainment Industry in Tanzania and has agents in Kenya and Zimbabwe.

One of the challenges in Malawian Entertainment Industry according to Loshaq is lack of seriousness, professionalism, and respecting models.

“In our contract, a guardian is also supposed to sign. We have male and female models with different body types,” she said stressing that LUSH is not restrictive on body type rather they believe that talent is born in different bodies.

Apparently the Company is to have LUSH Awards which will have different categories for all genres and will run annually starting this year.

“We come from a background of professionals so I don’t think any of us can lose interest at once. We want to build an empire hence we are connecting across the globe,” Loshaq said.

Meanwhile Hayilu Likonde, the 2014 Mr. Malawi Tourism is one of the models who has been signed with LUSH Entertainment Company.

“So LUSH is something attractive and fun, what we are trying to create is fun. We are also a link of any big events that will be happening in Malawi like VIP concerts and people can find us on
Facebook and Twitter for bookings,” she said.


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