NyaliMuzik Group drops December tunes


NyaliMuzik Group, a collective consisting of Jeremiah Chienda (Liwu), Samuel Genda (S.A.M.U.E.L)),Jeremiah Chikhwaza  (Delegate), Alinafe Nankwawa (Yung Bishop), Given Shem Mbwira as well as founding member Kelvin Before Gumbi (KBG) couldn’t wait for the festive season to officially start to release new music for the gospel community and good music lovers.

On 2nd December, 2014, the group released six new singles which are available for free downloads on www.itsretunes.com

In an interview with our reporter, one of the group’s members KBG said one of the songs ‘Live’ is a single from “Break the Silence vol.2” project that the group is working on as NyaliMuzik.

“Live’ is about turning up for God like living our lives to the full for God, that electrifying life in celebration to what the Lord Jesus did for us we live, turned up,” explained KBG.

He added: “‘Live’ has been released exclusively on www.itsretunes.com (our family from zambia) celebrating with them as new partners with huawei. The reception has been dope so far.”
He said the song was produced by Malcom of X-caliber studios in Botswana (friend and brother in christ) and it was recorded at NyaliMuzik mixed by Jeremiah and mastered by KBG.

On the same day they released other songs which form an EP, these include:
* from malawi – KBG & Dali
* come to me – Shammah ft Jeremiah
* will never be the same – s.a.m.u.e.l
* city center – Liwu ft C-scripture
* hands up – Jeremiah
* live – Liwu, KBG, s.a.m.u.e.l, Jeremiah

All these songs are on www.itsretunes.com/latest page together with the artists’ profiles.

“NyaliMuziK is, first of all, a community of believers who share music gifts to promote JESUSthe light of the world (Mathew 5:13-16). Its aim is to produce quality music that will change lives. A production house that is aimed at recording and producing good quality music in the Christian urban scene, “Nyali” means “Lamp” in the Chewa language. Overall, NyaliMuziK proclaims the light of the world “JESUS” through its gifts,” KBG explained.

Since its inception, NyaliMuziK has produced, mixed and mastered local and international projects for artists within and outside of Malawi, other countries include Botswana, Uganda and Kenya.

Over time, NyaliMuziK has formed networks and has come to work closely with other organizations around the African continent in an effort to exchange, collaborate and promote each other in respective regions.
NyaliMuzik, will soon be introducing new members to the group. Be on the lookout.

Follow: @nyalimuzik (twitter,instagram,youtube,facebook,google+)



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