Iceberg returns with “A bar higher”


By Harold Kapindu

Hip Hop heads and urban music followers may still remember the hit song “Mbina” though only a few may remember the artists. If you are one of those who still don’t remember the brains behind that club banger, well, let me remind you in one word “WUN”.

Mbina by WUN was a hit that I used to dance to in my High School days; it was a hit on radio, at parties and in clubs. I remember meeting and chilling with these boys at Sun Set Plaza where they would perform almost on weekly basis.

WUN was a group which had three rappers, NIC, Iceberg and Fatsani. Nobody knows whether the group is still there or disbanded.

Nonetheless, let’s focus on Iceberg who seems to be the only rapper still releasing music once in a while. Recently, he has been dropping songs online with “A bar higher” being his latest.

“A bar higher” produced by Bassick is a conceptual song based on Ice’s journey in Hip Hop.

Listening to the song, one can tell that Ice is one talented rapper who has been frustrated by the industry as he is being heard rapping, “And I felt so betrayed that I put my pen down and let my passion fade”.

He continues to certify his significance in the rap game saying “I had to take 8 years off for these rappers to catch up”

In the song, Ice also tackles issues on why he doesn’t rap in vernacular and why he dropped the game because it wasn’t paying.

However, it seems dropping the game for other things worked out for him as he has managed to find other means of earning money. He raps “niggaz worry about more twitter followers instead of worrying about getting their dollars up, this song is a release of what was bottled up inside me before I got swallowed up”

In an industry which is now dominated by ignorant lyrics, Chichewa lines and trap beats, “A bar higher” may not be a hit amongst this new generation but most Hip Hop heads will relate and gradually fall in love with it.

Listen and Download “A bar higher” on


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