TV Presenter/DJ Mallick aka Mr 265 is Malawi’s BBA Hotshots representative

MallickBy Harold Kapindu

Lilongwe, September 24, 2014, Mana: Big Brother Africa has announced that Malawi’s Dj Mallick/Mr 265, real name Masuzgo Msiska will be representing Malawi in this year’s edition of Big Brother dubbed “Hotshots” scheduled to be launched on 5th October, 2014.

The announcement was made on Wednesday via the shows official website .

He joins other 12 contestants from Kenya, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Tanzania, Ghana, Namibia and Nigeria.

According to a video posted on the site, Mallick says he entered Big Brother Hotshots because he always thought he could win it, when he used to watch it.

“I have watched Big Brother for a while and I have always told myself I can win the show, I can do better, but I don’t know what really goes on. So I have given myself a challenge to now step into the shoes,” said Mallick.

He added: “It’s very disappointing to get booted out and know that you weren’t your real self. I would rather lose the money at the expense of being myself. Then I can say I tried my level best. Everybody has his own morals”.

He then admitted feeling the pressure knowing all eyes will be on him day in, day out saying pressure is and will be there for the first few days therefore he will be taking it like a new job.

Mallick aka Mr 265 is a TV presenter at Times TV and he once worked as a DJ at Power 101 Fm. He is single and currently studying Purchasing and Supply Management.

Mr 265’s favourite food is crispy fried chicken, his favourite book Screw It, Let’s Do It and his favourite singer, P.Square. He enjoys watching, CSI Miami, Big Brother Africa and Suits on the small screen.

300, The Bourne Identity, The Dark Knight Rises and The Italian Job are his favorites on the big screen. His favourite actors are Dwayne Johnson, Vin Diesel and Robert Downey Jnr.

The names of the contestants and the countries they are representing in Big Brother Africa Season 9 (2014). The list is updated on a daily basis as Biggie will be releasing the names of 3 contestants everyday until when the show officially premiers on 5th October, 2014.  Below are some of the contestants that have been revealed:

  1. Kenya – Melvin Alusa
  2. Uganda – Ellah
  3. Uganda – Esther
  4. Zimbabwe – Butterphly
  5. Zimbabwe – JJ
  6. Botswana – Goitse
  7. Tanzania – Idris
  8. Tanzania – Laveda 
  9. Ghana – Kacey Moore
  10. Ghana – Ma’m Bea
  11. Namibia – Luis
  12. Nigeria – Lilian

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